Work at Home With 20 Year Old Company
Daily Pay with Benefits

What are you waiting for?
Now is the time to jump in  and start working at home!
Many major pharmacies & Vision centers  are all with Ameriplan® (Sears, JcPenny, Pearl Vision, Eye Master, HEB, Walgreens)

Work for  Ameriplan® and join  thousands  of people that work for our homebased company. You will receive Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic benefits!

Here is a once in a life time chance.

Because we truly care about our telecommuters, here are additional benefits we provide to  you:
Dell  discounts
Office Depot discounts,
Moving discounts,
Legal and Financial Service discounts,
Auto discounts 
Sprint PCS discounts,
Long Distance discounts and many more.  This is one of the best values offered by any company in any business

This is an opportunity to work for a legitimate company, to receive unlimited training, daily pay, and promotional material. You will not find  Scams,  Games or  Gimmicks with our company.

Simply fill out the following information and you will be contacted within 48 hours.
We value you and your privacy; your information is strictly confidential.  We do not sell email address.
(only serious telecommuters apply).

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Want to work at home immediately?

We are currently seeking individuals  that are serious about  working at home.  Training  will be provided to you by the company and all work can be done from the comfort of your home.   

This is a genuine opportunity to work at home.

Ameriplan®  offers:
*  Daily Pay
*  Part-time of full-time work available
    POSSIBLE earnings can range from $600 to $2000      a month to start and many people have built       annual residual incomes of over $100,000!

*  Training provided at no charge.
   No experience required.

*  Real person to talk to; not a recorded        message.

*  No Paperwork
  All work can be done online.

*  Benefits
  Benefis available for you and your entire
  family on prescriptions, dental,
  vision and chiropractic.

About Us:            
Ameriplan® provides  individuals and families with dental,
prescription, vision & chiropractic at a discounted rate.


* is a member of the National
  Chamber of Commerce

* is over 20 years old and debt free

Your Pay:
You will have two wonderful opportunities to make money at home:

1st Opportunity:
We help people make money at home:
There are millions of people looking for legitimate work at home opportunities and now you can help them.    We train you to work online OR offline.  You decide which method is for you.  No experience is necessary .  If you are willing to work, we will train you.  We pay extremely well and our payroll department cuts checks every single day. 

2nd opportunity:
We help people save money:
We train you to help people save money on their dental, prescription, and chiropractic needs. We all know people that go to the dentist, wear contact lenses, wear eyeglasses, take prescription drugs or go to a chiropractor, now you can help them save money and get paid for your efforts.  Our benefits package is very affordable and most people realize a significant savings from it.  View our benefits:

Not only do you get paid for helping people SAVE MONEY, The person or family that you helped save money with our benefits package is YOUR customer and you will get paid month after month, year after year, as long as they remains in our benefits program. Our benefits are so affordable ($14.95 a month single person OR $19.95 for an entire household). 

Ameriplan® is a member in good standing of the US Chamber of Commerce, The Dallas Texas Retailers Association and

Even though I am on a National or State DO NOT CALL List, by submitting my contact information which includes my telephone number, you are authorized to contact me by telephone at that number regarding the AmeriPlan® Business Opportunity for the three (3) month period following date of this consent.
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This is a Discount Medical Plan Organization NOT a Health Insurance Policy. The Plan provides discounts at certain health care providers for medical services. The Plan does NOT make payments directly to the providers of medical services. The Plan member is obligated to pay all heath care services but will receive a discount from those heath care providers who have contracted with the Discount Medical Plan Organization. AmeriPlan® Corporation 5700 Democracy Drive Plano, TX 75024.
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